27th February 2017

Trace Solutions acquires Estateman Ltd

February 22nd 2017: Trace Solutions has announced its purchase of software company Estateman Ltd. 

Estateman, like Trace, has a long and distinguished track record in the development and support of property management software.

The acquisition adds almost eighty prestigious new clients to the Trace Solutions family, including Government bodies, country estates and major charities, as well as organisations with smaller property portfolios. It makes Trace one of the largest property management software companies in the UK.

Estateman staff will continue to operate as an independent team, selling to and supporting their own clients from their Yorkshire base. The two companies serve largely different markets – Estateman has no built-in general ledger, for example – so the product ranges are complementary.

Managing Director Graham Davies says: “this acquisition reflects our ongoing desire to grow and expand the user base into new sectors. Over the last couple of years, strong organic growth has led to a rapid rise in staff numbers, to the highest they’ve ever been. The purchase of Estateman accelerates that process, adding a great extra resource and many highly respected new clients”

He added: “There’s much more to come in 2017. This promises to be a uniquely exciting and productive year for us all!”

"Over the last couple of years, strong organic growth has led to a rapid rise in staff numbers"

Graham Davies, Managing Director, Trace Solutions

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