22nd November 2017

Autumn release is packed full of punch

If you thought the evenings drawing in was going to reduce our productivity – you’d be wrong. 

We’re excited to announce that the latest versions of our leading TRAMPS, BlueBox and o6ix software have today been made available.

Version 5.50.00 has some significant new features. It contains around 100 improvements, including extensions to our Direct Debit capability and the holding of IFRS16 data.

To help you reduce costs, we’ve long aimed to automate the day-to-day while providing tools to deal with exceptions, before they become problems. This has been exciting our customers for over five years, and is why we steadily improve our automation features with every release. 5.50.00 is no exception: there are significant improvements around the automation of the event diary.

If that was not enough, six of the systems key reports have also been enhanced, as well as a significant extension to our powerful MessageCentre feature – that helps staff keep on top of their work. We’re also excited about how we’ve released a major auditing improvement to help our customers keep track of database changes by third party systems.

Mojo comes as a standard with all our property management software, so it’s no surprise that all customers will be able to continue to enjoy Mojo features with 5.50.00.

And one of the best bits… Our customers enjoy simple to deploy, free upgrades. No hassle. No fuss. No redeveloping bespoke features. Just a simple online download of the latest software. How neat is that?

If you’re a Trace customer, we will already have been in touch to point you to the download. If you’re not, then why not get in touch? You too can then enjoy our exceptional products and service.

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